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Move proposed asphalt plant out of Round Valley
Dear Editor,Did you know there are plans in the works to put a temporary asphalt batch plant about ½ mile down Wilson Lane?Information given to us by Custer County Planning and Zoning stated that the gravel will be crushed at the same location. Only people living in the immediate area were sent letters, but the whole town of Challis could be ...

Legislature addresses gun rights, health care exchange, education
Dear Editor,This week in the Idaho legislature has been busy. The Joint Finance and Approbations Committee began setting budgets. I have received many emails concerning gun rights and the second amendment. The Idaho Legislature is very supportive of gun rights and opposed to gun control. There are three gun bills now in the legislative process:• ...

Guest Commentary - Sheriffs’ position on gun rights is unconstitutional
After spending some time working on gun rights issues I have come to realize just how solid our U.S. Constitution is and how fragile the minds of people are. Holding to the rock solid intent of the first 10 amendments as framed by our nation’s forefathers seems to be difficult for many. To me the words are clear and direct. There is no room to ...

Guest Commentary - Initiative Process in need of Reform
Idaho Farm Bureau’s position on new legislation currently under consideration by the Idaho Legislature that would strengthen the voter initiative process is being misunderstood and misrepresented by the media.The legislation in question, S1026, would ensure there is broad support across the state for any issue before it is placed on the ballot ...

Guest Commentary - Unconstitutional healthcare exchange infringes on Idaho Sovereignty
Where would we be today if David had looked up at Goliath and said, “Whoa! I ain’t takin’ on THIS dude!” Well, David showed up at the American Revolution and the rest is history.It only took 236 years, but we finally forgot the roots that gave us wings. The power of the “Crown” still dwells amongst us. Only the names have changed. ...

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